Stilt Walkers 

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Hire Wonderful Stilt Walkers

Hire our hire Stunning Stilt Walkers in the South West and Uk ? We have a vast variety of stunning stilt walker costumes to suit most themes. From stilt Bike riders to Unicorns.

Stilt Walkers and stilt walking for all occassions. Entertainers for your event.

Festive stilt walkers – Jack Frosts and Snow Queens (6 available) Elves on stilts, Ruby reds on stilts

Spring and Easter stilt walkers – rabbits on stilts, The Spring King and Queen, floral stilt walkers

Nautical themed – Neptune and the Ocean Queen on stilts. Pirates. Lobster and Octopus

Space themed – Aliens and Astronauts 

Sixties stilt walkers, Seventies stilt walkers and eighties stilt walkers

Masquerade and Venetian stilt walkers – harlequins, renaissance and red masked costumes

4 legged stilt costumes, Giraffes (2), zebras(2) bugs (2) 

Stilt Bike riders – choice of costumes

Circus stilt walkers – ring master and mistress

Fairies on stilts

Unicorns on stilts 

King and Queen of Hearts

Mad Hatter on stilts

White Rabbits on stilts

Mirror costume stilt walkers

Patriotic red white and blue stilt walkers

Devils and angels on stilts

Pink carnival stilt walkers

Fire birds on stilts

Water birds on stilts

Clowns on stilts

Cornish stilt walkers (black and white)

Halloween stilt walkers (black and white and creepy dolls

 Beauty and the Beast stilt walkers.

Robot stilt walkers

Wild west stilt walkers

Purple steam punk stiltwalkers

Super Heros on stilts (Batman, Superman, Miss America)

Poison Ivy on Stilts

Jester stiltwalkers

The green King and Queen medieval stilt walkers