Here is a photograph of us all ready for some Circus Worskhops in a school in Devon. Children enjoyed the circus show with aerail hoop demonstration, unicycling, juggling and upsidedown music, before coming in to take part in the worskhop. At the end of the two days the children had the chance to choose a particular skill and then make a routine to perform to a small group of 4 or to the class. The children always suprise us with their originality and unique take on skills. " I am going to juggle with chain saws and Aligators ! " one boy said excitedly as he he came into the hall.

The circus worskhop fitted with the school topic of of Feasts and Festivals. It was great to hear that the children are still very much inspired by the greatest showman film. It was good to be able to tell them some true facts about the circus in historical times and how The circus came to their local devon fair in times gone by and what sort of acts people could see.

As usual the aerail hoop try out sessions were exceedingly popular. We love the fact that anyone can make progress. If one method of mounting the hoop does not work, we can show you another.

At lunch time the year five and six children rode the crazy clown bikes in the play ground and also tried out the unicycle.

If you would like to book a circus workshop for your school please contact us on 07891285058. We have special midweek school discounts available and a further 10 percent off in January and February.