We are off to a flying start with our circus worskhops this June.
We now have crazy clown tricycles to add to our existing workshop. These are super fun and not difficult to master, a great way to build up your confidence before trying the unicycle.
We are really pleased to be taking worskhops to Banbury, Plymton, Dorset ,somerset , Plymouth, and the Rolex Fastnet race in Plymouth over the next few weeks.
We have 2 certified aerail rigs for aerail worskhops, these are always very  popular. We also have slacklines, tightropes, unicycles, stilts, poi , diaboloes, balance boards, spinning plates and juggling equipment. For the younger children we have a tots balance track, tubstilts, and a circus dress up box.

The package can also include the modern event star canopy at 12 x 12 metres with a 5.5 metre height, it provides useful shade or shealter and comes with the option of side panels.
We provide event fencing for grass areas and usually run worskhops in an area over 15 x 15 metre squared. If Space is limited we can offer a compact worskhop or a roving mobile worskhop from the little circus trailer or tricycle.